Elizabeth Colunga
Filmmaker and Editor
The Hypnotic Visionaire
I am featured in this special Hypnotic Visionaire article!
A View Through Our Lens
  1. Dominican Republic Travels
    Ellos robaron mi corazon!
  2. When We Sing Together
    Worship at Denver Community Church.
  3. El Camino
    Disintegrating the dividing line between us and them.
  4. Extreme Community Makeover
    Global change begins within the community.
  5. Language - Change and the Wanderer
    We have the same experiences. We just call it something different.
  6. "Homeless Girl"
    Mixing mediums with the iPhone, GH5, and good good music.
  7. HopeKids Colorado
    HopeKids serves families whose children have a life-threatening medical condition.
  8. 40 Mile Walk
    Howie walks/runs 40 miles to raise funds for HopeKids
  9. The Enneagram
    I'm Type 7. What type are you?